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About COGG

Founded in July YC117 (2015), Central Omni Galactic Group is based in the NRDS region of Providence.

Central Omni Galactic Group is dedicated to supporting the ideals of the Not Red Don’t Shoot philosophy of nullsec life, we embrace the culture of helpfulness, respectful behavior and friendliness towards others.

We seek to provide a laid back environment for corporations and capsuleers to find their feet in Providence, to provide the logistical and diplomatic support necessary for life in the region, and above all to share the benefits that come from working together.

The COGG Creed

Central Omni Galactic Group is a community of pilots that embraces a culture of helpfulness and friendliness towards everyone. We treat all players with respect, regardless of their affiliation or beliefs. We uphold the principles of NRDS wherever we fly - offering peace to those who seek it while courageously defending our home and our friends.
COGG pilots are expected to uphold these values as their actions reflect on the whole of COGG.

What is NRDS to COGG?

NRDS is about appreciating other pilots in EVE, to not force PVP upon someone who isn't part of an entity known to be involved in pvp themselves. To take a moment, to KOS check your targets, and not shoot without forethought. NRDS is a significant part of life in COGG, as it is an extention of our creed and community

Specifically Prohibited

• Initiating agression against non-kos entities.
• Acts of piracy.
• Scamming.
• Supporting or aiding KOS entities who might do us harm.