COGG is a small alliance, but we are ever-growing, when there is mention of action we generally try to muster all that we have to assist with the defence of our region.

This was shown when there was a call for Captial support from -7- where a Spectre Fleet gatecamp had escalated to Capitals, so without hesitation our CEO jumped in to help and announced that there was a need for more and being off time for the majority of our pilots we still managed to field two Chimaeras with a Minokawa.  Although turns out the Mino was overkill and the second Chimaera was just a bonus it showed that we were willing to form up and help out where we could.

The fight itself once the two Chimaeras had landed and were on grid seemed very chaotic though because of the way there wasn’t a separate capital FC so as one of those capital pilots it allowed me to start learning how to keep myself safe while controlling what was around me.  With the knowledge while on the right comms for the fleet we also had our own comms active being able to take advice from our own more experience capital pilots.

A Ferox met its end by having both chimaeras pretty much alpha it off the grid and at the same time there was a hostile Dreadnought on grid. The call was for Caps to evacuate so we did and then the call was to come back in, while I sat on the Astrahus, with the hostile caps now cleared friendly forces controlled the grid, we arranged the cyno home as the sub caps and whatever caps were left on grid docked up.

Battle Report