In the News today, Omni Galactic has been the victim of a War Declaration from a Mercenary Corporation by the name of Deadly Fingertips (.DEAF). When asked for comment, Omni CEO Momiji Sakura had the following to say:

We will not allow such bullying actions to be taken against us without making a stand in response. I would advise any members of Omni Galactic who have no desire to fight, to remain docked up, or move to the designated safe areas. Those of you that wish to fight however, we’ll be organising a Strike Fleet to take the fight to the hearts of the enemy!

Rousing Words!

The war becomes legally ratified at 2011 Eve Standard Time on the 12th January. At which point, pilots from both sides of the fence will be allowed to start firing at one another legally without the worry of CONCORD intervention.

Information was sent out to all Omni Galactic Pilots earlier with an intent to help it’s members survive the coming storm!