COGG pilots participated in a Provibloc CTA level defence fleet in 9-F0B on Monday evening after MC forces reinforced a Territory Claim Unit’s control tower in the system.

As Minokawa and Ninazu class Force Auxiliaries began to repair the shields of the tower under the watchful eye of the 100 strong Provibloc Hurricane and Caracal fleets, advanced scouts reported local activity in the MC staging system of Hasateem begin to climb, and as an MC Avatar Titan appeared in close proximity to the MC Fortizar, the fight was almost certain.

MC scouts lit a cyno 200km above the Provibloc fleet, allowing an MC T3C (Tier 3 Cruiser) fleet to bridge in through the Titan from Hasateem. The YF lead Caracal support fleet quickly warped into the centre of the MC fleet and began sewing chaos while the core Hurricane fleet repositioned in preparation for the coming battle. The T3C fleet having pushed the Caracal fleet off, warped into the centre of the still triaged FAUXes and lit a secondary cyno allowing a 19 strong dreadnaught fleet to jump in at optimal engagement range.

In response to the capital escalation of the fight, an already formed Provibloc carrier and dreadnaught group were called in to support the subcapital fleet already engaged around the control tower. As battle raged, capital ships from both sides fell to the combined firepower deployed against them. The Provibloc subcapital fleet set to work clearing the MC subcapital fleet from the field with great success, and as the battle shifted heavily into Provibloc’s favour the MC forces began to withdraw from the fight. The battle seemingly won Provibloc set back to the task at hand – repairing the reinforced control tower.

It was not long before scouts reported that MC were not giving up the fight yet, having returned to their staging system, their pilots were reshipping into Machariels, a staple doctrine that had been used against Provibloc before to reasonable success. The MC titan still online, it was clear a titan bridge was to be expected. The Provibloc FC Maelstrom Majere called for pilots to align to a nearby Astrahus citadel to regroup. Finally the order given was for Provibloc forces to withdraw back to our staging system, and prepare Nightmares, and to reinforce our fleet with fresh pilots.

20 minutes later, a 176 capsuleer strong fleet of Nightmares and associated support ships undocked from F-Y, and warped to a waiting Provibloc titan for use as a bridge into the combat zone. As the fleet bridged in on the already waiting MC machariel fleet, the cyno ship acting as the bridge’s beacon was destroyed, causing several inbound Provibloc pilots, including the FC scattering across the system. Fortunately backup FC’s were in place to continue leading our fleets.

Once again the Provibloc fleet engaged MC forces around the stricken control tower. It had arrived just in time, with only 9% shield remaining. The battle raged, with lasers and autocannon fire trading between the two fleets. Around them, capital ships engaged with their massive guns and fighter squadrons. Over an hour the battle raged, and once again, as with the earlier engagement Provibloc ships held the field and inflicted heavy losses upon the enemy.

During the battle some friendly capitals were reported to have jumped out to a nearby citadel at 2% hull, repairing from the tether and then jumping back into the fray. Throughout capital pilots and subcap pilots who had lost their ships were reshipping and rushing back into the fight, to bolster the fleets on field. To mark the end of the battle, a lone MC Rorqual was left on field, abandoned by his allies, as the remaining capitals and subcapitals closed in, Brutus Noma in a Rangarok class titan jumped in and executed the weakened Rorqual with it’s doomsday device.

By the end of the battle the ship losses across both sides of the engagement were almost equal – 98 Provibloc ships lost to MC’s 100. We inflicted 71bn ISK worth of loses and secured the objective repairing the tower and allowing it to be refueled.

See the full Battle Report