Sat on the success that was our venture into entosising TU-O0T Territorial Claims Unit (TCU) and destroying it which was OP Success being a bittersweet result as Pandemic Legion (PL) by the time we could arrange to put our own up had already replaced the one we destroyed. When the message came through my ships intercom that we could be deploying our own TCU to hold Sovereignty (SOV) I was a bit apprehensive but after some discussion, it was time deploy.

Griffin Caldari Frigate Entosising TCU

Entosising Begins in 2-TEG

Sat there trying to decide what ship I should bring as the pilot in charge of the entosis was a bit difficult as I had, had mixed results in my entosis Griffin as it doesn’t have a way of fighting back and although it had successfully jammed out quite a few ships that had warped in on me before the number of ships becomes overwhelming for my trusty ship. Realising that this could be different we weren’t going to be attacking SOV there probably wasn’t going to be the response fleet that we were having to deal with. Off I went with a trusty Griffin ready to try and deal with anything that comes in and possibly interfere.

On the trip to the target system, I was followed by a stiletto they made me rather nervous because it could have easily stopped me in my tracks and were running the fleet on bare bones anyway. Momiji Sakora in the cloaky hauler with the TCU and Edita being the scout in the combat interceptor. The cloaky hauler and ceptor got there first naturally and after a while, it becomes apparent that the red stiletto wasn’t interested in me it could have been just a travel ceptor after all.

Finally, after about 14 jumps I hit system and while we tried to get the TCU in a good spot we saw more traffic coming through 2-TEGJ than we originally scouted so the decision was made although not perfect we were going to just put it down and hope for the best. As Momiji put the TCU down I warped to it and started the entosising. This was a great experience because none of us really had any experience in putting down a TCU, we knew that it would take 10 minutes but we didn’t realise it had a warm-up circle for deploying a fresh TCU.

Sat there for what felt like a lifetime we successfully managed to put our TCU up and get COGG on to the SOV map for the first time. While this TCU might not last long with the invasion of PL and the war as it stands what we can now say has COGG had SOV and nothing can take this away from us. COGG has always strived for SOV and while its very hostile to live in COGG is now part of the EVE history books, so I put to you fellow COGG pilots if you see an entosis fleet go out or just see something vulnerable or open entosis it or let leadership know and we might just be able to take more and grow or presents on the SOV Map.