A strange message came across the intercom in my Raptor class Interceptor that some corp and coalition friends had a enemy super-capital tackled in the system of Unefish. Rushing to Kheram I had none of my beloved and most efficient spaceships in New Eden, because this coalition that I find myself in are predominately Amarrian. As such when I arrived in Kheram I found myself with the Apostle sat in my hangar and having just skilled into it, the control systems were still alien to me.

Sat in the ship with very little time I did the normal checks; fuel, stront, and boosters. All checks completed and feeling weird about the Helium Isotopes; I hope it doesn’t just combust in this ship that isn’t thoroughly tested by the Caldari State and Science Divisions I am used to, but in my Amarrian allies I must trust, at least I had Caldari Boosters – they won’t let me down.

The tackle was called, and quickly after dreads and faux were too and I blindly undock this huge Force Auxiliary ship with the familiar battle-shakes and trusting this Amarrian Tech to hold me through. Only knowing that we had a super tackled and not knowing which entity it was, I’ll blindly follow my allies. I hit the grid and didn’t realise that I am the only Faux on grid and quickly start capping up and I hear that Kesha needs reps. Looking at my broadcast history – damn, I’m on the wrong configuration. This instantly made me triage green and start looking for Kesha in fleet and add them to the watch list and lock for reps. Having repped the guy I needed and thankful for having dreads out with me I start to take a deep breath – come on you’ve been training for this kind of event you can do this I repeat in my head – I see a armor boost button, right we’ll hit that and put drones out and hit the super. Damn the triage module means I do 0 damage, while not the Amarrian difference to the Faux its the first time in this big ship I didn’t realise I’d do literally 0 damage.

Pandemic Legion then start lighting to cyno for more Dreads to fight our Dreads and the battle-shakes come back with the realisation I am in a Faux and it isn’t going to be fun because I am going to be primaried, but alas that wasn’t to be the case. Getting energy-neuted by an enemy Archon, I start concentrating on my cap and go triage red, ready for evac. A tengu comes in and points me but it lets go at the nick of time as I come out of triage, I am at jump cap and hit jump. I seem to be hanging in space for ages with less cap taking hits I am high armor I hate this I am screaming to myself who would design a ship that its tank needs to be its armor, shield is so much better. All of a sudden my ship is out of the hammers way and sat on the undock waiting for my cooldown timer so I can dock back up.

Having calmed down I now take a moment to reflect on what just happened and that is I’ve dropped a Faux and stayed alive but then look at the battle report we had killed 2 dreads, 3 carriers, 1 rorqual and 1 super carrier. We had lost 1 stealth bomber, 1 battleship, 8 dreads, and 1 heavy interdictor. While that seemed like a loss because the number of ships we had won the isk war, and objective based on just killing that one Hell at 38 billion isk.

Overall it was a great fight, and saw COGG fielding a Dread and Faux after the pressure that the alliance has been under. It felt like all alliance in the coalition at the moment that was a step in the right direction. So the message I send out to my fellow COGG pilots is whether we have to trust in foreign tech, we do it as we must build up the Caps On Grid Group once again because we can push Pandemic Legion back especially now that Goonswarm has jumped north.

Battle Report