It’s no secret that CCP has done Providence no favours with the changes to the outposts and having PAMFAM knocking at our door has been a challenging series of battles. At the moment even though the sov map looks bad, with several systems being taken by PANFAM. Providence itself has put up a strong resistance in the war overall, we have won several significant battles like that in YMP, and we have managed to save structures that have been correctly set to the recommended slots, and furthermore has shown our resilience as we go into I want to say 4th week of the war. We aren’t doing too badly in the factor that we are going up against one of the historically strongest PVP  mercenary groups in New Eden. However, that said with the lose of Ihubs in our various ISK making systems has possibly put a significant strain on you to bring in the ISK to replace lost ships. I have seen COGGers move around Provi to where they can do there thing a bit safer. However, some have also moved to High Sec.

First and for most, I would like to say there is no shame in taking day trips to High Sec if your feeling burned out because of this war. I think if we are sensible we might be able to make this work. So if your feeling the strain ask in Alliance and see if someone is up in high sec and see what they are doing. I know that I have been up in high sec ice mining and grinding standings for an alt. However, this has become more of a grind so that I can get others back playing a bit more, and pull missions for them. Predominantly you won’t see this going on in the COGG standing fleet because of the max number you can share the mission reward to, so if it does become a big thing then the max you want in a fleet is 10. The other activity to try and make some ISK that we are used to is ice mining. Beware though this activity is highly competitive in High Sec, as it’s one of the best HS income sources.

Things to help with the war keep pushing for Coalition Doctrines and try and join as many fleets as you can! We need to defend our home, and that means joining fleets when we can. If you have an iron will, you should continue to rat and mine in 8P9, use cheap hulls like Procurors and Vexors to keep our ADMs high and remain stubborn, don’t be discouraged by a hotdrop, the moment a hotdrop leaves, get right back out there and start again! The higher we can keep the ADMs the harder it is for PL to disrupt the system significantly. However, the most important part is to make sure that you’re happy an enjoying the game so if you feel you need a break, that’s okay.

To that end, I would also like to also point out, that if the worst happens in this war it won’t be the end of the world, or the battle. COGG has one thing that PL and NC can’t take away from us. That’s you and the community that it has built over the years, so no matter what happens if we stay active and looking out for each other COGG will be bigger and stronger than ever.