COGG Artwork Competition 2017

The COGG artwork competition 2017 just ended. For the fact that it was the first time COGG has ever organised such an event, it was an amazing succes. The event lasted the whole month of November, and every COGG member was able to participate. Contestants were requested create custom-made artwork pieces that had to be Eve Online related. The idea was to show their love for COGG,  it could be whatever they liked to create, from funny, inspirational, motivating, etc. It could be a real-world drawing, but it can also be something made with Photoshop/another editing program.

The COGG ended with Stueey Yaken as number one winner. Second place went to Handor Kairin and third place went to Yvok.

Organizing the event

Serena Anderson is the CEO for Bedlam Escapees and one of the organizers and judges for the event.

“The idea came together when Momiji asked me if I would like to help organise a COGG artwork competition. I quickly laid down an overall plan and a set of rules, that later became the guide document for the competition. After that I discussed with the other CEO’s and Directors to see who would like to judge the artwork. In total we had four judges, myself, Momoji, Hannahj and MrStinkySlippers.”

The organisers were able to gather together almost 6 billion ISK in prize money! All these prizes were distributed along a number of prize categories. Of course there were the usual first, secand and third prizes. There were also couple of extra categories where contestants could score points in. The judges graded all artwork pieces according to the following guidelines;

Judging criteria

  • First second and third prizes;
    Each judge will give a piece of artwork a maximum rating of 10 COGGs (stars). The artwork piece with the most COGGS total will be the winner. Artwork pieces with the same number of COGGs will be debated by the judges. An artwork piece can get a max score of 40.
  • Best COGG meme;
    A ‘meme’ is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. The best meme will be the meme that all judges find the ‘best’.
  • Top Quality;
    The sharpness of an artwork/drawing and the amount of detail.
  • Gold star for effort;
    It’s the effort that counts – an honorable reward for the pilot who tried.
  • Most Funny;
    The sent-in artwork piece that is the funniest, according to the judges.
  • Best recruitment artwork;
    The sent-in artwork piece that is best suited to be used as a recruitment advertisement.
  • Most original;
    The artwork piece that features the most original content, according to the judges.
  • *Special, Best judge artwork;
    The 4 judges will compete against eachother for this prize. Each judge will grade the other judge’s artwork. A judge cannot grade his/her own artwork piece.
    Each artwork piece can only get a max score of 30 COGG’s.


“There were a couple of amazing artwork pieces sent in by our members. I’ve seen quite some original artwork coming in, and the quality was pretty good. My personal favourite was Yvok. I thought his/her artwork was really crisp and fresh, and it took on a good approach at making good recruitment propaganda posters for COGG.”
COGG Artwork Competition

Creating artwork

Because the judges themselves wanted to be creative as well, they decided to create an extra category for themselves. Because of the ‘Best Judge Artwork’ category the judges were able to face-off against each other.

“I studied Communication & Multimedia Design when I was in college, so I’m pretty used to creating designs and images with Photoshop. I’m also a hobby-photographer, and I really like to make cool screenshots. That’s also why I set up an Eve Online fan-website, called, where I post screenshots and Eve Online event related photos. This way I can combine both hobbies.
The artwork pieces that I made for the event are all made in Photoshop. Most of them are a couple of hours of work, because I needed to find the correct fonts or I needed to smoothly cut out the shape of a ship. Most of the artwork is inspired by either WWII propaganda or other kinds of artwork posters. Everything is designed from scatch, except for my pinup style poster. Even though I didn’t win any prize, I’m still very happy with the artwork I made, and my favorite that I made are shown below.”

COGG Artwork Competition COGG Artwork Competition COGG Artwork Competition COGG Artwork Competition


The future of the COGG artwork competition

COGG is most definitely going to organize another artwork competition. There are already plans to do something like this again in 2018, and we hope that even more of you guys will be able to participate. In the meantime, you can still post all your amazing creations in the #cogg_creative channel in Discord.

First, second and third place

  • 1st prize Stueey Yaken with 29 COGG’s (prize is 1,5 billion ISK)
    COGG Artwork Competition
  • 2nd prize Handor Kairin with 28 COGG’s (prize is 750 million ISK)
    COGG Artwork Competition
  • 3rd prize Yvok with 27 COGG’s (prize is 500 million ISK)
    COGG Artwork Competition

Special category prizes

Each special category prize was worth 375 million ISK. These are the winning entries;

  • Best COGG Meme, MrStinkySlippers
  • Gold Star For Effort, Rogue Venom
  • Top Quality,  Yvok
  • Most Funny,  MrStinkySlippers
  • Best Recruitment Artwork,  Yvok
  • Most Original,  Astrajingga
  • Special judge category, MrStinkySlippers (*Special prize of 750 million ISK)