Having multiple form-up times Provi-Bloc decided to use one as a training exercise for newer members.  There was a red structure deployed in JEIV-E and knowing that PAMFAM would be busy hitting a Fortizer that the owners no longer wanted the decision was made that while PAMFAM would be busy hitting the Fortizer it would be easier to take out the red structure.  Caracals were formed to try and achieve the objective.

With Intel coming in that PAMFAM had deployed an Apostle with interceptor support and with bubbles the Caracal Fleet decided that the fight might be worth taking.  When the Caracals landed in JEIV-E we docked up at a Fortizer first in order to get a good warp in on the Apostle we managed to do that although anchoring was a slight issue for the pilots.  The FC kept taking us out of our missile’s range, and as we started to put pressure on the Apostle a cyno went up, PAMFAM had bought a small carrier group of 4 to the fight.  As they did we switched targets to the fighters and tried to defang the carriers however while doing so we took quite a few losses.

The support fleet were forced off grid and so were we one by one, the FC actually got headshot quite a few times, and the calls to reship were done multiple times as we were in disposable ships.  Killing the Tech II fighters being deployed by the carriers meant our Killboard was heavily in the green in terms of ISK.  Our initial objective wasn’t successful as we didn’t manage to reinforce the structure nor did we kill anything other than the deployed fighters, but the objective of having fun was met because there were people laughing and joking on comms about reshipping and going again.

Battle Report