Provi-Bloc has been under significant pressure to defend our space and has been taking significant losses. For some time now Provi-Bloc has made some moves towards being competitive with the likes of PL on the battlefield, however it is no secret that we can’t stand toe to toe with them, the way we would like with the traditional slugfest battles we have been used to. So knowing that we needed to get another hostile structure down once more in a very influential system it was time for new tactics.

With very few people in the know, Provi-Bloc formed Cerbs which previously had worked to good effect when hitting the last hostile Structure in 3D however as pilots hit system, they were told to dock up and was given a Talwar. This was supported by the Bomber wing, that were probing down stray Macherials from PAMFAMs fleet and with command destroyers jumping them even further away from the fleet managing to secure 3 Macherial Kills.

While both fleets do have room to improve, as they were new tactics deployed, but all in all it was safe to say that Provi-Bloc managed to achieve the objective while boosting morale that has been low of late. All in all this was a great move because although we lost a lot of ships they weren’t expensive and people had fun. COGG managing to field 8 possibly more pilots in the aid of defending Provi.

Battle Report