ProviBloc has once again been forced into defending its space and structures from the capital force that is PAMFAM.  The plan was to do similar tactics as the 3D Structure bash, which was to make PL gate their Capitals through systems and engage them on the gate not allowing them to get the Cyno Jammer. This would stop the escalation and allow ProviBloc to hold the advantage.


ProviBloc had 90 Macherials, 5 command ships, 40 T2 Logi Capital Support and about 25 bombers and an EWAR wing. PL had 125 Macherials, 16 Apositles, 60 Dreads and -3 squads bombers. PL managed to get all these in because they cynoed up with only minutes left on the Jammer as it was online.

ProviBloc then waited in the system for the timers, and waited for an opportunity, realising that the odds were not in our favour. The capital fleet was reshipped into anti-bombers, bombers and EWAR where possible.

We waited patiently for an opportunity that wasn’t coming. So, the decision was to now use 65 bombers and try and lay out a big bombing run and then engage the hostile machs at close range.

This however, didn’t work out so well because hostile Dictors were well positioned and made it extremely hard to get a good run on the Macherials. Unfortunately, the operation wasn’t a success as we didn’t manage to defend the three Azbels and PL managed to anchor their own citadel on the same grid as where ours was. ProviBloc can take positives from this rough experience with good numbers, and the right tactics just unfortunate that PL managed to cyno in just before the jammer was on-lined and it was 2 hours before hand. The other positive is to see a bomber fleet and bringing together not just one composition.

The Battle Report doesn’t show everyone as not all of ProviBloc forces managed to engage.

Battle Report