PL now no longer having to defend their space in the North after a failed invasion by the Imperium and TEST has left Panfam once again able to support their pilots in Waffles and continue their incursions into Providence.

This time they have focused on one of the most vital systems to the Providence as far the defence of the region. Placing a Raitaru class Engineering Complex 1,000km off of a strategic Fortizar in 3D-. It meant that Providence had to come out in force, and we did. COGG rallied the troops and Providence put together three fleets in order to try and strike down this red structure from our space.

The fun began before the timer as PL deployed 6 dreads and support capitals in system hours beforehand at a hastily constructed POS. Providence FC’s agreed that it was necessary to move in early, reinforce the POS to incap it’s defences (So it could be removed with ease later) and to allow us to cage the hostile capitals in their own POS with large disruptor bubbles. Forming a large Abaddon fleet went well with Provibloc forces maintaing a strong grid presence and causing Waffles to call for help from Panfam once again. With the POS reinforced and surrounded by 100km of bubbles this left Panfam with no quick and easy way to strike at our System Jammers in system.

Then the call to reship and get ready for the main event. The doctrine of choice was Machs, with support EWAR fleets and Cap support. As our forces were finishing preperations word came in that Panfam had bridged their subcap and cap support fleets into 8P9, COGG’s home system. Provibloc forces formed up in 3D- on the F-Y gate to make our stand. Panfam forces jumped through into our waiting fleet, it quickly became clear the scale of what we were about to face – several more fauxes than our own fleet and many many anti-cap fit dreads. The battle on the gate was hard fought on both sides, and while significant damage was inflicted, our own fleets took heavy losses. The delaying action here was successful, we managed to hold the field for the time required for the target Raitaru to become vulnerable. As we withdrew back to the Fortizer we were requested to leave our ships in the Fortizer and reship into Cerbs.

This was a good plan because of the superior maneuverability of the Cerberus class cruisers they were able to rapidly redeploy around the grid, while maintaining DPS on the Raitaru. This gave huge relief when we saw high number of Bombs coming towards us, as we were able to quickly warp away to a new ping and continue our attacks without many losses being incurred. The problem came later when PL was able to get into a position in range, where they managed to alpha our Cerbs with ease, however we managed to maintain our maneuverability, warping back and forth and hitting the structure eventually taking it down.

All in all this was an Operation success and we can take it as a win, despite losing the ISK war the hostile structure was removed and the line was held. We managed to fight for our space and took down the red structure. COGG brought a total of 11 pilots to the fight, a great showing from our end.

Battle Report