Edita and I formed up with a few others from COGG to do our T1 Frigate roam around Amarr and Minmatar Faction Warfare space.  It’s a ad-hoc thing where we just shout to people on Comms or in fleet at the time and say that we are going on a roam.  Tonight we had a Sentinal, Maulus Navy Issue and 2 Tristans.  Unfortunitely the systems were pretty empty and we could only really find one fight.  Which was a Jaguar and we took it only to find that it had Logistics, however, we all managed to get out with the help of some ECM drones.

Future plans for fleet is to try and make it a little less Ad-hoc and if more people want to come along move it out of faction warfare and maybe move down into Catch from Provi. So watch our fleet-up or discord channel for this fleet if your interested.