A red structure was hitting its first vulnerability timer in 9UY and Provi-Boc decided to form both a Mach Fleet with Goku and Capital Support.  Both the Sub-cap fleet were bridged and jumped respectively into U-H and then gated it across to 9UY as it was Cyno Jammed.

The Caps were told to warp to the Astrahaus before the sub-caps and the sub-caps to follow.  Leaving the Caps tethered the sub-caps were told to dock up.  As the timer hit we all undocked and the carriers and their group of FAUX were told to warp to the structure and go about hitting the structure.  There were scouts all around 9UY, and it became evident that PL and Waffles were going to be coming through the 4B gate the interdictors and the sub-cap fleet went to meet them.

As they started coming through with their FAUX first we could see we were going to get a fight, and we had been warned that our numbers were similar if not a little lower than PL’s so it was 50-50 how well it was going to go.  As the fight started we took the early advantage, but as PL managed to close the distance between us we started to take losses.  Flying as part of the Logi, we managed to get a few great saves.  By the end of it, however, although we lost the ISK war, we had achieved the objective and things are looking positive as the FC was already working on what we could do differently next time.

At last count, COGG had brought 6 Machs 2 Support and 2 Caps.  With this being a new doctrine and people still getting sorted for it was a great showing.

Battle Report