G-5 is one of the gateway systems to Providence that was once again under attack.  We needed to Entosis this system once more to keep it in -7- hands. The coalition formed Interceptors to support the -7- fleet that were entosising.  We left F-Y and sat in 9UY on the Fortizer waiting for developments. We found out that Waffles had a number of pilots in Assah, and decided to move a little bit closer.  We eventually ended up in 4B.

One entosising ship was challenged, and as we raced back through systems to get to him in 9UY, we managed to chase off the offender.  Once the objective was complete, we decided to risk engaging some smartbombing Battleships. Our positioning was slightly off, and we ended up taking heavy casualties to those that either aggressed and couldn’t get out of range properly or people that couldn’t take the gate quick enough.

However, in the end it was OP Success and all the COGG members that took part in the op managed to come home safely.