Over the last few weeks, COGG has taken some heavy losses to our Cap Fleet whether it be our ratting carriers being hot dropped or because of other reasons.  However when an Alliance member mentions there is a True Sansha Dread to be killed COGG couldn’t resist the urge to deal with evicting this Sansha imposter in our space out.  This fleet showed just how resilient COGG is and how willing people are to help each other out.

As you can see from the video the Chimera here has offline modules, this is because it was a PVP fitted carrier for behind enemy lines but adjusted to take on the Dread and we had a bomber pilot that thought he could bomb the dread when in actual fact we wanted torp bombers.  This was met with good humor and while disorganized seemingly it was a positive experience for everyone and an opportunity for people to learn more about the game while destroying something big.