Once more unto the breach. Not too long ago we successfully defended the 8P9 Sotiyo against Pandemic Legion and their allies. After their successes in the past couple of weeks, their eyes turned once more to our Complex.

Last Tuesday the -7- Sotiyo at The COGG Complex in 8P9 was reinforced into it’s final timer by a Pan-fam siege fleet, giving Provibloc a week to prepare a response. Alarms were rang and the FC team prepared to mount a defence.

Throughout the leadup to the battle, preperations were made, caps moved, and jammers prepared to jam out incoming capital fleets. Four Provibloc fleets were prepared; Mainline Abadons and Cerb fleets, alongside support fleets in the form of SONIC and Bombers. In total Provibloc brought close to 400 pilots.

With Pan-fam forward scouts logging into the system and checking the jammer out, word was given to move ahead and deploy 40 minutes ahead of time to prevent PL from taking down the jammer. Fleets took the short gate from F-Y into 8P9 and re-staged from the Fortizar, giving a short opportunity for people to catch up. Intel lit up as our own scouts began reporting the movements of Pan-fam’s own fleets – which had seemingly cyno’d in to both 3D- and 3GX. With Pan-fam on the way Provi forces relocated at the Jammer; our fortified beachhead.

As Pan-fam forces got closer, several P-horde bombers de-cloaked by accident at a perch from the fleet. Our fleets changed aligns as to avoid getting out of the brawling range of the jammer we were expecting to fight on. This couldn’t have come at a worse time however, as not long later, the full extent of just how many bombers had been brought was revealed, as wave after wave of bombs dropped, our own anti-bomber destroyers were quickly overwhelmed by the number of bombs coming in. In the space of 2 minutes, our mainline Abaddon fleet was torn apart by the relentless wave of bombs coming in. Despite the devastating damage being inflicted, our own forces reacted fast, tackling as many bombers as possible and voiding their pods to the vacuum of space.

Within all this chaos, a few strong willed pilots sought out pilots of notoriety, locating Doomchinchilla within the enemy fleet, these pilots opened fire, ripping his 3.2bn ISK Pontifex to shreds.

The glare of exploding bombs had not even began to relent when Pan-fam forces landed on grid, and began a barrage of weapons fire struck the remaining Abaddons. Orders quickly came through the command chain to begin withdrawing the fleets to prepare for another engagement, and to allow pilots to reship. As the SONIC fleet began suicide runs into the hostile forces to give our mainfleets a chance to escape, the full extent of the damage inflicted was made apparent.

Pan-fam forces made short work of the defending FAUX holding the jammer, and turned their attention to the Sotiyo now coming out of reinforcement. Unfortunately Provi was unable to return to the field, due to significant losses across the board, and forces stood down.

Battle Report