So this battle is lacking in pictures – but was none the less an impressive battle.

On Tuesday night Pandemic Legion reinforced the 8P9-BM Sotiyo. The die had been cast and COGG rang the bells to prepare support for the -7- structure.

3 FCs formed fleets to defend the structure, numbering close to 250 pilots. A mainline Abaddon fleet, the Support EWAR fleet, and two bomber squadrons.

The bomber fleet moved into system ahead of time and set up on the 3GX gate, where the PL Machariel fleet began to enter local. One squadron got their bombs off, while the PL fleet began warping to take out the cyno inhib blocking the reds from bringing in heavier ships. Our defence fleets warped to the inhib and engaged the enemy.

Test and CO2 brought support fleets to assist Provibloc in the defence as local surged up to 500-600 pilots. The fleets disengaged, with the PL fleet warping off to the Sotiyo – leaving several of their Fauxes behind at the POS tower. Allied forces returned to the field, engaging the abandoned Fauxes left behind in triage , which pulled the PL fleet back once again to the grid, this time to defend their capitals.

With the battle taking place far away from the Sotiyo – and the Sotiyo in it’s final few seconds, the allied fleet withdrew from grid re-positioning at the Sotiyo, leaving PL to warp – too late to the stricken Sotiyo. Here two of their Fauxes collided with the structure, becoming stuck and unable to withdraw to a safe distance. Allied forces once again returned to the new battlefield and made short work of the now marooned capital ships.

With the two Faux destroyed, and the Sotiyo no longer reinforced PL withdrew from the field.

Battle Report