On Saturday night Provibloc forces prepared to defend the ancestral homeland of COGG in G-5. I personally lead a 60 pilot Griffin Berserker fleet for those unable to join the 240+ mainline Cane fleet lead by -7- and YF FCs.

The TCU Timer

As the first command nodes began to spawn both fleets made their way to the constellation G-5 resided in. With no significant hostile fleet in site, and scouts reporting several hostile fleets formed and waiting to engage, the Griffin beserkers moved to run interference on the hostile ships already at the nodes entosising. We had our pilots briefed on the location of several griffin caches located around the constellation and the names of brave COGG pilots who were ready and willing to reship them. Many of us setting up medical clones ready in a centralised system ready to return to the fight if we were podded.

With several red T3d groups in the area, a perfect rapid counter to what we had, we made our move on a entosising prophecy in 9-F0B. Jams landed from our 60 strong ECM fleet cutting the Entosis cycle short. Dps began to land and break the Prophecy’s tank, but our celebrations were cut short as the red jackdaw fleet landed and began making short work of our frigates.

The Griffin fleet regrouped for another pass, with pilots readily reshipping and making their best speed to the fleet. We made another pass on the red entosis ships, with some of our pilots splitting to assist -7- Entosis ships in other systems.

Word finally came back that the main fleet had engaged Panfam nearby, and so with gusto we ran head first into the middle of the hostiles, jamming their logistics ship while the main fleet pulled range. This battle would be the main action of the night for many of the pilots, with Provibloc forces taking quite a few losses. Panfam dropped Force Auxiliaries solidifying their logistics wing and the battle in their favour.

With the Panfam forces withdrawing from the battle, the main Provibloc can fleet returned home to reship and prepare for the second timer of the night. Valiant EWAR pilots in my fleet continued to harass hostile ships entosising and cover friendly -7- forces as they made progress on timers. Finally after almost an hour of combat we received word that the first battle of the night was won, the G-5 TCU was saved!

Battle Report

The Station Timer

The second timer was fast approaching, the main fleet FC called both fleets to merge, and reship for interceptors and continued EWAR.  As the station command nodes spawned our pilots returned once more to the field, swatting down the Panfam and Ushra’Khan forces which had arrived to attempt to get some content out of the remaining timer. The hostile forces seemed to drop lower and lower as the timer progressed, clearly the fighting was over, and forces spent.

A solo waffles Faux which had been used to entosis in 9-F0B gated back through into G-5 as bait, perhaps for one last hurrah from Panfam. With 200 interceptor and EWAR pilots now engaging the Waffle Faux slowly making progress it seemed forever before they would spring their trap. With it seemingly unsprung, a friendly COGG thanatos landed on grid to speed up the process of killing the Faux.

With the Faux now no longer triaged and now hitting structure, it lit it’s cyno, and a Panfam ferox fleet bridged in. Too late, the COGG carrier warped out, along with other large support ships, and the interceptors finished the job – killing the lone Force Auxiliary.

Battle Report

In total – around 70 Griffins were lost in combat, totalling around 40M isk, the first prohpecy killed made the rest of the Griffin Bezerker fleet kb green. In all over the night, while heavy losses were inflicted on the main fleet, both objectives were achieved and the hard work of COGG pilots who made sure that our valiant Griffins were able to reship and get back into the fight made all the difference.