While some of our prominent pilots away doing Fanfest the realisation that COGG must still stand. In their absence there was a call to arms to rid the Sev3rance capital system of KBP of a Spectre Fleet Astrahaus which was coming out of its anchoring period.  We had to hit it now because we’d have to deal with multiple timers and possible reinforcements if we failed.  What also made things worse was the fight was advertised on Reddit by Spectre and so we had to be prepared for multiple third parties.

COGG as always was happy to help the coalition, fielded over 10 pilots. While that might not seem much on paper with the absences and the size of our alliance compared to others still had us ranked as the 10th highest single Alliance in the system.  At the peak of the battle there was 700+ in local and although Provibloc lost many Nightmares, the main reason was from not being appropriately anchored to the FC during the initial engagement after a while Provibloc held grid supremacy and seemed quite calm waters.  Even if we were resisting the urge to fire upon reds that were on grid because of the new temporary alliance for this operation.  Fighting along side Goons and Brave just to name a few meant that we were to only engage the targets that were broadcasted and had to judge the battle’s progress without the aid of the overview.  Our main objective was to kill the Astrahaus and we managed to pick up some kills on some Project Mayhem tengus and supporting Spectre fleet.

Overall the operation was a success and some really good kills were had.

Battle Report